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Chiropractic is…

a drug-free


safe and effective

way to relieve pain

and improve wellness





Experienced Doctors

Dr. Callaway aspires to help his patients understand the unique relationship among chiropractic, optimum body function and peak performance.  He defines performance as being able to do the things in life you want and need to do


Friendly Staff

We are here for you and we understand your concern for the highest quality of care.  Our staff works tirelessly to make sure that you get your questions answered, appointments booked, and communicate with you about any neccessary follow-up care.


Flexible Appointments

You can call or email our office any time to book an appointment,  but we also have an online booking scheduled for your convenience. If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, we will work with you to reschedule and get you the care you need.

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the preferred method of natural healing for those seeking alternative or complementary health care for acute as well as chronic conditions.

While people first visit a chiropractor for relief of pain in specific areas (most commonly the back), they quickly discover that the chiropractor approaches their health from the holistic perspective rather than just focusing on the specific area of pain or injury.  A chiropractor will partner with you to ensure your optimal health.


Initial Examination and Consultation

Includes in-depth wellness consultation, postural evaluation, and chiropractic examination to determine optimal care plan. 

 If it is your first time at our office, start here!  



Individual Visit

Single Visit customized for optimal health and well-being.

Must be scheduled after initial Exam & Consultation. 


Wellness Solution

Monthly solution is available for weekly visits.  Your doctor will determine duration for optimal health during Initial Exam and Consultation.

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"Dr Larry thank you for all you do. I am so grateful for your practice and your commitment to restore healthy alignment, increase mobility, and having pain free patients in your office. Thank you for creating happiness in your community."

-Krisztina F.