“Go with the flow.” “Water under the bridge.” “Rain wears away stone.” “The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea.” It’s no surprise that so many old saws make water a metaphor for life. Around 60 percent of our bodies are made up of water and even our bones are at least 22 percent water. Adequate water is absolutely essential to staying healthy and fighting off disease. Most healthy adults need about 60-80 ounces of water every day to be adequately hydrated. That is just a general number though and it should be adjusted if you are a youth, senior, or have a medical condition.

Water plays two key roles in your maintaining health: hydration (all cells need water to survive and perform vital life functions) and detoxification.


The majority of people do not get enough water in their daily routine or diet. To make matters worse, many people habitually consume dehydrating agents like energy drinks, sodas, alcohol and coffee/tea. Another culprit is eating a diet that is not readily bioavailable for digestion (processed meats, foods, GMOs, alternative sugars, Transfats, etc) The body has to work harder to digest this food, which utilizes more water and water by products, increasing the amount of dehydrated cells with in the body.  Thirst is frequently mistakenly interpreted as hunger, leading to obesity. diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  In fact some of the things that are good or even great for us are dehydrating. Exercise, massage, chiropractic and rest all can change the flow of blood thus requiring more water for proper hydration.


Toxins accumulate in fatty tissues, especially the liver and kidneys. Plenty of water is needed to flood and flush these tissues.  Once toxins are emulsified, water then helps transport the toxins through the body AND if properly hydrated they should flush right out of the body versus being taken back up by fatty tissues.  Both cold and hot water have their place in a regular detoxification plan. Drinking cold water enters the blood stream more quickly and forces the body to burn calories to warm the water up to body temperature. Hot water can activate our sweat glands, which is our main channel of natural detoxification.

The lack of water causes a litany of discomforts that many people attribute to modern life: fatigue, pain, lack of concentration, irritation, and weight gain. Improving your diet, getting more exercise and reducing stress are key to a healthy life.

Chiron Chiropractic can help you both improve your hydration habits and detoxify your system with Innovative and simple to follow programs.