So for those of us who are going to work a little harder to get healthier, stronger, and improve our golf game please read on!

You MUST create POWER.

P: Positives and negatives: You must strength train concentrically and eccentrically. This means control your movements on both the push and return. If possible create a forced negative environment for your muscles. This requires help from a trained professional.

O: Optimism: These few months of work may hurt, may not give the results asap but they will show up if you are consistent for 90 plus days.

W: Water: Water is key for recovery, competition and let us not forget all bodily functions.

E: Enthusiasm and Energy: The positive frame of mind must include picking yourself up when you are down, eating right, and doing the perfect workout for YOU to up your energy.

R: Recover: You are going to want to push but take at least a one day rest every week and a recovery week once every four to five weeks. The recovery week is not a do nothing week. It is a light conditioning and heavy on the flexibility week.

Goofy Acronym I know but you need to add it to your plan, not only that you have to work the major muscles groups. The top exercises to get your POWER on are:

  • Squats
  • Cleans
  • Pull ups
  • Bench Press
  • Lunges

Please ask a trained professional how to maximize your golf routine with these exercises.

NOTE: You must also work on your balance and core!